What do we do?


Simple. We love good music and want to pass the passion for live performing on to the next generation.


How do we do it?


Quality work

We believe that quality drives quantity.


Focus & Vision

We believe in being resourceful. We believe in giving back and inspiring new young music artist to become self-sustaining and professional.



We are steadfast in our mission for sharing music with others. We believe that music can stand-alone and should always be included in any youth academic learning environment.


Meaningful Partnerships

We form relationships with others who provide us with resources and opportunities that support our vision, while we provide them with services that help them to fulfill their mission.



Skai Academy of the Performing Arts is an opportunity for aspiring youth from various backgrounds and abilities to engage in an intense yet fun learning experience through professional coaching and performances.


Participation in Skai Academy offers youth life lessons in character development, self-respect, responsibility, goal-setting and teamwork. 


As artist, we believe that our creative talents can be used as a voice to support the betterment of all humanity!