This workshop class is design to teach all aspects of theater by preparing the participants to perform in one of our current season's productions.   Session Two  will focus on vocal technique. The workshop scenes will connect to this year's production of The Snow Queen!


11:30- 12:45pm

ages 8-16yrs

$50/ $8 per audition drop-in

11:30 am

The Masters! - Theater Workshop

For the production The Snow Queen and the door beyond time

1:00 pm

Music S.o.l. - YOUTH CHOIR

Welcome to the best new vocal experience for youth  in Wisconsin.


Music S.O.L. (Standards Of Learning) teaches voice and theory while singing top 40 hits from the past & present through a fusion of musical styles and genres.  Opportunities for small ensembles, duets and soloist.


1:00- 1:45pm

ages 9-15yrs

$50/ $8 per one time drop-in