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Session I

Ages 2-3:

This lesson plan introduces toddlers to the nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty" through listening, repetition, and simple questioning. They engage in interactive activities such as singing along to Ms. Kai's version of the song, exploring a picture of Humpty Dumpty, and comparing different versions of the rhyme. An optional art project allows for creative expression and reinforcement of the theme. By the end, toddlers develop basic comprehension skills and an appreciation for storytelling.

Arts Integrated Connector:

  • Music and Movement: Incorporate rhythm and movement into the lesson by clapping and tapping along with the song. This helps toddlers develop coordination and enhances their engagement with the material.

Monday March 4

Ages 4-5:

This lesson plan for preschoolers explores the nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty" in-depth, focusing on comprehension, critical thinking, and creativity. Children compare the original rhyme with Ms. Kai's version, discuss themes such as resilience and problem-solving, and participate in a creative expression activity like skits or puppet shows. An optional art project further reinforces the concepts learned while allowing for artistic exploration and interpretation.

Arts Integrated Connector:

  • Drama and Storytelling: Encourage children to act out scenes from the nursery rhyme or create their own interpretations through puppet shows or skits. This fosters imaginative play, enhances comprehension, and reinforces storytelling skills.

"Humpty Dumpty's Toddler Tumble:
A Nursery Rhyme Romp!"


Song Playlist

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